that morning


She was walking in that flawless path. She did not know where she was heading and she couldn’t realise she was there. She kept wondering to find she really appreciated the smell of those plants she did not know where they were coming from, what species they were. All she could care was about how the pollens were mixed, carried by what animal or insect. They were beautifully combined to create forms, shapes and perfumes. Colours she couldn’t have even imagined existed before that moment. Those scents that completely calmed her soul, inducing her eyes to shut. She thought they could hear her, they could feel her presence and that’s why they were so beautiful. It’s amazing what she could share with those flowers. How they carried her through that path. She let herself being transported by those pieces that she imagined formed a beautiful, freshly washed harlequin costume in front of her. She smiled then, to that view, to the harlequin smiling back. Her eyes were still resting. She was calm now.


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