roiling sea



Making an effort to dress well

You look pretty and smile at the end



An end, come with thoughts

Over and over roiling in the sea



Thoughts as deep

It is hard to clearly see



Wash and clean

The heart indeed

How could you ask me



I want you to stay



ask me to send you away



Away, far


Only distance I see


That is all

There is


about frozen

2013-11-17 16.19.12

He was about to let her go. But he could not. He kept thinking about what he could do, could have done. Too late.

Maybe not.

She was still thinking about him. She could not understand why he let her go. She could not do more than what she thought it was right to do.

Thoughts flowing in both minds, on the same river. The water, very still, all was frozen. This is how it is when you just was left and he, was just about to leave you.

And it was about to be summer.

that morning


She was walking in that flawless path. She did not know where she was heading and she couldn’t realise she was there. She kept wondering to find she really appreciated the smell of those plants she did not know where they were coming from, what species they were. All she could care was about how the pollens were mixed, carried by what animal or insect. They were beautifully combined to create forms, shapes and perfumes. Colours she couldn’t have even imagined existed before that moment. Those scents that completely calmed her soul, inducing her eyes to shut. She thought they could hear her, they could feel her presence and that’s why they were so beautiful. It’s amazing what she could share with those flowers. How they carried her through that path. She let herself being transported by those pieces that she imagined formed a beautiful, freshly washed harlequin costume in front of her. She smiled then, to that view, to the harlequin smiling back. Her eyes were still resting. She was calm now.

a sad flower


The other day I entered a bookshop and my eyes happened to notice this purple small book. It addresses sad women. I am not a sad woman, but I bought the book.

I started reading. At first I thought this book is nonsense, very weird. I kept reading and …wow I love this book. I was ready to change mind when I read this chapter about cauliflowers. I never thought cauliflowers are sad flowers. You’ll never see anyone match their wedding gowns with a ‘cauli-flower’. Would you give one to your friends and family?

There is nothing wrong with being sad. Let’s celebrate sadness and when you feel down, buy yourself a cauliflower and enjoy it boiled, with salt and pepper, and a little extra virgin olive oil.

are you married?


My bird and I

Today talking with a friend about age, I told him I am almost reaching my thirty’s. Hence, he pointed out, I’d better get married by then.

I replied, I don’t really have to get married.

He continued, and what do you want to do then? Keep dating?

me, Dating? I am not dating.

him, So what are you doing then?

me, I am loving a person.

We started laughing.

I am not against marriage, but I do not see how it has to be a matter of concern – Are you married? Am I dating? Why is he not asking me to marry him? Whatever! –

I have seen people looking very upset when their partner is not asking to get married. Why?

Do you love each other?

I love, and celebrate my love everyday.
Is not love what counts?